Inline Stretch Wrapping Machine JC-1200

Inline Stretch Wrapping Machine JC-1200

1. Specification:

*Power supply: 220/380, 3phase, 50/60Hz

*Wrapping height: 1800/2400mm

*Wrapping size: 500-1400*500-1200mm (L*W)

*Loading weight: 2000kg (Max)

*Turntable diameter: 2000mm

*Turntable speed: 15 circles/Min

*Power consumption: 2.3KW

*Capacity: 20-40 Pallet/Hr

*Air consumption: 15NL/Min

*Film width: 500mm (Max)

*Film thickness: 20-35Microns

*Film Inner diameter: 76mm

*Film outer diameter: 360mm

*Conveyor height: 625mm

*Machine weight: 1200kg

2. Features:

*Automatic wrap, film clap, film cut, and film smoothen;

*Equipped with photo sensor to detect the height of product automatically;

*Film tension control adjustable;

*Turntable combined with powered roller conveyor with brake system;

*Can be combined with productive line

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