Low Level Bag Palletizer Model No MP-HL-10A

*Low Level Bag Palletizer Model No MP-HL-10A

Production Application (For Bag Palletizing in Low Level):

This machine is especially designed and used to stack up the filled cartons and bags, or other

item onto pallet automatically with PLC touch screen panel operation, including the pallet

dispenser, Various configuration of products on each layer and layer no can be easy set up

automatically based on customized requests;

*It includes following Systems:

1). Auto carton infeed and arrangement;

2). Pallet dispenser with up to 15 cartons at storage;

3). Auto lifting and pallezing system;

4). Auto stack-up cartons outfeed;


1. Model No: MP-HL-10A;

2. Palletizing capacity: 30 case per minute(More on request);

3. Air consumption: 480NL/Min;

4. Air pressure: 5-67Kg/cm2;

5. Power supply: AC 380V, 50/60Hz, 3Phase, 10KW;

6. Machine size: 7500*4300*3500mm (L*W*H);

7. Net weight: 6700Kg;

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