Case Palletizer Model No MP-R-09A

Robotic Arm Case Palletizer Model No MP-R-09A

*Production Application:

*Especially design to palletize the cases on pallet

 In the beverage, chemical, food, and other industry, for example, the robot frees the employees from

 physically strenuous, monotonous activities, which were associated with a high risk of injury. And such

 robotic arm technology comes from Japan.

*Technical Data

Payload                        3kg to 360kg kg (On requests)
Supplementary load      10-50 kg (On requests)

Working envelope
Max. reach                   3326/3076/2826mm(On requests)

Other data and variants
Number of variants        :6(On requests)
Repeatability                :<±0,3 mm(On requests)
Weight                         :2385/2370/2350 kg
Mounting positions         :Floor, ceiling 

*Optional Items:

1). Auto Pallet Magzine/Dispensor;

2). DCS to PLC Simulation and Synchronization;

3). Different Clamp/Grimp Design to meet different size of products;

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