Two-side Labeling Machine Model No JT-620

Two-side Labeling Machine Model No JT-620


        1.      SUS#304 frame construction;

        2.      Precision 5 phase stepper motor;

        3.      National twin-axis PLC combined with human/machine interface;

        4.      Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure high-quality labeling;

        5.      It can be combined with production line


        1.      Model No: JT-620;

        2.      Label width: 10-130mm;

        3.      Labeling speed: 0-25 M/Min;

        4.      Labeling accuracy: 1mm;

        5.      Power supply: 600W , 110V/220V , 50/60HZ;

        6.      Machine size: L2500 * W1400 * H1550 mm

        7.      Reel Inner diameter: 75mm;

        8.      Reel outer diameter: Max 360mm

        9.      Product thickness: 25-135mm;

       10.  Product height: 40-320mm

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