Piston Filler with 4 Heads Model JP-P-4A

Piston Filler with 4 Heads Model JP-P-4A


        1.      Filling volume: 50-1000ml(More on requests);

        2.      Filling accuracy: 1%;

        3.      Filling speed: 10-40(Depends on actual bottle volume);

        4.      Air Supply: 0.4-0.6MPA

        5.      Viscosity: Below 5,000 cps;

        6.      Air pressure: 64-85psi;

        7.      Nozzle No: 4


        1.      PLC to DCS synchronization and simulation;

        2.      Capping, Labeling,Aluminum Sealing and other machines.

        4.      Available to suit Hazardous Environments with Ex-proof system

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