Pail Weight Filler Model JP-18PR-3 (Plastic Round Pail)

Pail Filler with 3 Heads Model JP-18PR-3 (Plastic Round Pail)

*Product Application:

   Applications include free flowing to viscous products, including chunky products. Fill volumes from 18L to

   30Ltr at high flow rates with accuracies up to  0.2% dependent upon pail size and type of product.

  *Technical Specification:

 1). Product           : Free flow to high viscosity

 2). Capacity         : 7-10 Pails/Min dependent upon pail size and type of product

   3). Container type: 5US gallon, plastic round pail 

   4). Voltage supply    : 380V,3P,50Hz(Upon request)

   5). Filling accuracy   : Class X (0.5) (0.2%);

   8). Filling mode      : Above or under liquid level with fast&dribble fill

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